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Frequently Asked Questions

Our drop-off procedures are designed to alleviate separation anxiety. Parents drop their children off in our turnaround driveway so that separation takes place outside the school perimeter and is not associated with the school experience. That way, the school only has positive associations.
Hillcrest has an ‘open-door policy’ whereby parents are always welcome to visit their child’s classroom. Parents are encouraged to participate in a special activity with their child’s class, attend school trips, and to visit during a special day. Please speak with your child’s teacher in advance in order to ensure there are not too many visitors at one time.
Not at all! Our counsellors are prepared to deal with children who aren't toilet trained. Campers are taken on frequent visits to the bathroom. Although we do not allow diapers, we encourage children to use Pull-Ups and Little Swimmers for the pool. Consistency is emphasized and we work with parents to ensure continuity between camp and home.
No child is ever forced to participate in swimming. If a child prefers not to participate, he/she is allowed to remain in the recreation pool. If that is also a source of anxiety for the child, he/she will be permitted to sit around the perimeter of the pool until they feel comfortable to participate.
We are 100% nut-free at Hillcrest Camp. No products with nuts or traces of nuts are allowed on camp premises. If your child has an allergy to food other than nuts, an individual snack plan can be created. We request that 2 epi-pens be kept at camp at all times. One is kept in the camp office, and the other is kept with the counsellors at all times.